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TOPWAY LCD Display Module LM6038B

TOPWAY LCD Display Module LM6038B
TOPWAY LCD Display Module LM6038B
TOPWAY LCD Display Module LM6038B
TOPWAY LCD Display Module LM6038B

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TOPWAY LCD Display Module LM6038B

Display Specification:

  1. LCD Display Mode: STN-GRAY, Positive, Transmissive
  2. Display Color: Display Data = "1" Deep Blue (*1), Display Data = "0" Light Gray (*2)
  3. Viewing Angle: 6H
  4. Driving Method: 1/65 duty, 1/9 bias
  5. Backlight: Nil


  1. Colour tone may slightly change by Temperature and Driving Condition.
  2. The Color is defined as the inactive / background colour.

  • Stock: 500
  • Model: LM6038B
  • Weight: 45.00g
  • Dimensions: 6.00cm x 9.50cm x 1.50cm
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  • The LCD panel is made of glass. Any mechanical shock (eg. dropping from a high place) will damage the LCD module.
  • Do not add excessive force on the surface of the display, which may cause the Display colour to change abnormally.
  • The polarizer on the LCD is easily get scratched. If possible, do not remove the LCD protective film until the last step of installation.
  • Never attempt to disassemble or rework the LCD module.
  • Only Clean the LCD with Isopropyl Alcohol or Ethyl Alcohol. Other solvents (eg. water) may damage the LCD.
  • When mounting the LCD module, make sure that it is free from twisting, warping and distortion.
  • Ensure to provide enough space (with cushion) between case and LCD panel to prevent external force adding on it, or it may cause damage to the LCD or degrade the display result.
  • Only hold the LCD module by its side. Never hold the LCD module by adding force on the heat seal or TAB.
  • Never add force to the component of the LCD module. It may cause invisible damage or degrade reliability.
  • LCD modules could be easily damaged by static electricity. Be careful to maintain an optimum anti-static work environment to protect the LCD module.
  • When peeling off the protective film from LCD, a static charge may cause an abnormal display pattern. It is normal and will resume to normal in a short while.
  • Take care and prevent getting hurt by the LCD panel's sharp edge.
  • Never operate the LCD module exceed the absolute maximum ratings. 14. Keep the signal line as short as possible to prevent noisy signals from applying to the LCD module.
  • Never apply the signal to the LCD module without power supply.
  • IC chip (eg. TAB or COG) is sensitive to light. A strong lighting environment could possibly cause malfunction. Light sealing structure casing is recommended.
  • LCD module reliability may be reduced by temperature shock.
  • When storing the LCD module, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, high humidity, high temperature or low temperature. They may damage or degrade the LCD module.