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Raspberry pi 32GB Pre-Installed Android 11

Raspberry pi 32GB Pre-Installed Android 11

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Raspberry pi 32GB Pre-Installed Android 11

In SanDisk 32GB memory card comes with various OS (Operating Systems). There are kinds of operating systems like Android 11, Twister, Windows 10, Windows 11, etc. Just you have to Plug-n-Play, Everything will be already Installed on the memory card. Also, comes with variants of Storage like 32GB is the minimum size, 64GB and 128GB.

Android 11 OS:

Android 11 is very smooth, the user interface is also good. First of all, there are many apps pre-installed in this. Even you can use in 16GB memory card but it will take some time to load and will not respond quickly. We recommend that you take a memory card of 32GB, the more you take, the better. just you have to insert in your device your OS is ready to use.

Pre-Installed Apps:-

  1. Omni store (System Apps)
  2. Calculator
  3. Snapdragon Gallery
  4. Omni Clock
  5. Firefox
  6. VLC Media Player
  7. Zoom
  8. Music Player
  9. PDF Viewer
  10. Khan Academy
  11. Aurora Store (By Default App like Play Store)
  12. Share It
  13. Brain Games
  14. Hill Climb Racing
  15. Google Maps

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