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32GB SD Card with Pre-Installed Twister OS for Raspberry Pi

32GB SD Card with Pre-Installed Twister OS for Raspberry Pi

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32GB SD Card with Pre-Installed Twister OS for Raspberry Pi

The main goal of Twister OS is to provide a true desktop computing experience for single-board computers (SBCs), right out of the box. Twister OS includes themes, applications, tools, and optimizations to allow you to get the most out of your SBC.

Some of Twister OS's key features are:

  1. 11 different user interface themes, both modern and nostalgic. Whether you're a Linux, Windows, or Mac user, you'll feel "right at home" on Twister OS. Changing the entire look and feel of your OS is as easy as clicking a button in the included "ThemeTwister" app.
  2. Box86 is a built-in emulator that allows for the use of x86 (traditional PC) applications and games on ARM CPU-based SBCs, like the Raspberry Pi.
  3. Wine, a Linux application that, when used in conjunction with Box86, allows for running x86 Windows software on your SBC.
  4. CommanderPi is an application that provides an easy way to perform advanced configuration tasks, like overclocking, on your SBC.
  5. Chromium Media Edition, for streaming DRM-protected (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.) video and audio content on your SBC.
  6. My Android (script) enables you to mirror your Android-based phone's display on your SBC.
  7. PiKISS and Pi Apps, two software stores that allow you to easily install several apps specifically designed or modified to run on the Raspberry Pi.
  8. Lutris, a powerful gaming platform for Linux which can manage your game library as well as provide advanced configuration tools to run a wide variety of Linux, Windows, and DOS games on your SBC.
  9. RetroPie, for playing your favourite classic console games.
  10. The LibreOffice suite for productivity tasks.
  11. A variety of multimedia apps for audio and video playback and streaming.
  12. And much, much, more.
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