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Model: 4-20-ma-GEN
4-20mA Digital LCD PLC Signal Generator Source Current Transducer with 9-Segment Programmable High Accuracy Load Tester Analogue Simulator 2-wire Output System. 0-9. (4 to 20 MilliAmp) A point-to-point or multi-drop circuit is mainly used in the process automation field to transmit signals from..
Model: ‎1593796
Multi-function Adjustable Signal Generator 2-10V Signal Generator Sine Wave 4-20mA PWM Pulse Signal Source Support RS485 Modbus Communication..
XY-LPWM Signal Generator LCD Display Module XY-LPWM Signal Generator LCD Display Module
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Model: XY-LPWM
XY-LPWM Signal Generator PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module LCD Display is a two-channel PWM signal generator. It has dedicated switches for adjusting the frequency and duty cycle separately.Using this module PWM output, frequency and duty cycle can be set as per requirements.Applicati..
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