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Rain Proof LED Power Supply 5V 200W

Rain Proof LED Power Supply 5V 200W

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Rain Proof LED Power Supply 5V 200W

The Rain Proof LED Power Supply 5V 200W is the ultimate solution for providing your LED lighting with a reliable and safe power source. This power supply is waterproof, dust-proof and short circuit prevention approved so you can be sure that your LED bulbs and devices are well taken care of in any environment from extreme weather to nature's elements. It also has added overvoltage protection ensuring your safety while using this device. This LED power supply also has low consumption, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a dependable, efficient and eco-friendly power source for their lights or equipment. 


- Waterproof & dustproof based on IP67 rating

- High temperature capable up to 60℃ (140° F) 

- Shockproof design – keeping safe in outdoor conditions 

- Over-voltage protection built-in 

- Short circuit prevention approved 


- Highly reliable rainproof performance in any environment 

- Low consumption & energy star certified  

- No noise pollution during the operation  

-Safety assured with overvoltage protection function

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  • Model: 5v-200w
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  • Sturdy design
  • Have a 3ways output connection and make sure the voltage distribution
  • High strength
  • Energy efficient,80% typical
  • Seamless functioning
  • Over-voltage,Over-current,Short-circuit Protection
  • Rainproof
  • Three channel output connection sure the power distribution
  • CE,Rohs approved
  • AC100-130V or AC170-250V voltage available
  • DC5V,DC12V are all available